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Biological aerated filter

BODA undertakes a national key scientific research project, obtains 1 patent.

Basic principle:

BAF biological aerated filter focused on the advantages of exciting two kinds of wastewater aerobic biochemical treatment: activated sludge process and biofilm process, and merge biochemical reactions and physical and chemical filtration into one reactor. Filtering effect and biochemical reactions and materialized two processing merger completed, in the same reactor for sewage purification

Structural form:

According to the direction of influent water flow, biological aerated filter is divided into down-flow and up-flow.

Technological characteristics:
  • Great resistance to shock, no sludge expansion problem
  • Gather the advantages of activated sludge method and biological membrane method, biochemical reaction effect together with filtration action.
  • New filter material, high activity biological membrane, large biomass
  • Short standing time, less land occupation
  • High quality effluent
  • N o noise, no smell, no secondary pollution