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Advanced oxidation technology

In recent years, advanced oxidation technology has been applied in the field of refractory organic wastewater treatment, and obtained good result, so it becomes a hot topic in the industry circles.

Based on ozone’s strong oxidation, also can decompose in water in a short time, without secondary pollution, it is an ideal green oxidant. Gradually, ozone oxidation becomes the main method of the advanced oxidation technologies.

The principle of ozone oxidation

In aqueous solution, the ozone and the reaction mechanism of organic pollutant mainly include two kinds of direct oxidation and free radical indirect oxidation reaction. In a reaction system, direct oxidation reaction, ozone is often appeared free radicals indirect oxidation reaction. The pH of the solution of O3 mechanism of oxidation reaction to choose what kind of difference, in strong acid medium is given priority to with direct oxidation reaction, and in alkaline medium is given priority to with indirect free radical oxidation reaction.

Influence factors of ozone oxidation
  • Great resistance to shock, no sludge expansion problem
  • Ozone oxidation mixed air intake——the amount of ozone intake increases in unit time, the oxidation reaction rate of organic matter improves correspondingly
  • Mixing speed—— choose appropriate mixing speed, make sure the minimum energy consumption in case of air and liquid are well mixed.
  • the removal rate of pollutants in alkaline conditions is higher than that of acidic conditions
  • Liquid temperature—— choose appropriate temperature to balance the activation energy of reaction and the decomposition rate of ozone
  • Catalyst——accelerate the rate of ozone oxidation
  •  Dosing method of gaseous ozone——choose appropriate dosing method to make sure the diffusion velocity of ozone molecules and the reaction rate of pollutants in the water
Introduction of rotary mixing ozone reactor

This reactor utilizes the principle of gas displacement maximization, which introduces the mixed ozone - containing wastewater into the reactor. Along with the inner blades of the reactor rotating in forward and backward direction, the effective conflict is realized to maximize the contact area between ozone bubbles and wastewater. In this way, the oxidation efficiency of the injected ozone is maximized and the ozone utilization is maximized.

  • High ozone utilization efficiency,≥97%
  • Short standing time,≤1min
  • Good effluent quality,COD≤30mg/L.