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High efficiency dissovled air floatation device

High efficiency dissovled air floatation device is a patented product developed by our company. It is mainly used for the solid-liquid separation and liquid-liquid separation in wastewater treatment.

Technical principle

This device creates a large amount of micro bubbles in the water after decompression through high pressure reflux dissolved air water, so that three-phase non-uniform system of water, air and removed materials will be formed. Under the combined action of interfacial tension, air bubbles rising buoyancy, static water pressure differential and other force, untreated materials would adhere to the micro bubbles, the adherend would float on the surface of water due to its proportion less than water, so that the impurities in water can be removed.

Equipment composition:

Tubular mixer(optional),the tank(contact area、water distribution area、separation area、water collecting area、sludge collecting area)and air dissolving system.

Features of equipment
  • Inclined plate separation system, high efficiency, good effect
  • Short hydraulic retention time, usually 10-15min
  • Proprietary aeration release device, small bubbles, no clogging
  • Integrated fully automatic sealing design, easy installation, clean environment
Application field

Oily wastewater treatment in petroleum, refining, cement, iron and steel, municipal and other industries